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MA Driver's License
Test for Adults

This is it, the end goal: Your Driver’s License. We will be there to help you make your licensing process easy and do all we can to help you pass the first time. Take the easiest road to your license. The information below is a good start to getting you behind the wheel on your own.



Testing at the RMV

You have a few options for testing: 

(Based on availability)
We meet you at the RMV

$150, plus any RMV test fees

  • This option is perfect if your car will not pass the RMV vehicle requirements.
  • We will also be your Sponsor
  • You can add this testing product at the time of enrollment, or later using our Student Portal.
  • Testing services are only offered at Springfield RMV. 
  • Student must:
    • Fill out application at branch 
    • Bring permit, glasses (if needed), and shoes.
    • Separate RMV fees collected after the test. 
  • You must call The Next Street with the date, time, and location of your test to confirm your appointment. 

You Take Yourself to the RMV

  • If you feel ready to take on the licensing process yourself, that's fine.
  • We're here to support you no matter which test day road you take.
  • If you are going ahead solo, you might want to download the MA Driver's Manual to prep for your test.


How To Schedule Your Driver's License Test
  • If you are taking the test at the RMV, you cannot go to the RMV branch to schedule it; you must schedule your test online. Click here for the link.
  • When you schedule, you must pay the $35 State Testing Fee and the $50 license fee; the RMV accepts Visa or Mastercard. Both fees can be paid before or after your license test. 

When To Schedule Your Driver's License Test
  • You can schedule your license test as soon as you get your permit, and we recommend you do.

  • The wait times for a test appointment at the RMV can be around 3-4 weeks.

  • If you want to get in and out as fast as possible, we strongly recommend you try to schedule a morning appointment, as volume and delays grow as the day goes on.


Rescheduling Or Canceling Your Test Appointment at the RMV

If you have to reschedule or cancel your driving test at the RMV for any reason, you must do so online at the RMV's website at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • If you do not show to your test, or cancel inside of 72 hours, your test fee will be forfeited.

  • You may reschedule your road test at no cost if it was cancelled due to weather.
  • Similarly, if you arrive on test day and do not have your required paperwork - or if your vehicle fails inspection - you will forfeit your appointment and test fee.

  • It is crucial that you do a check and double check at least 48 hours before going to the RMV to make sure that you have everything you need and that your vehicle passes inspection

Driver's Permit Hold Times
If you are over 18 years old, you must hold a valid Driver's Permit before taking your Driver's License Test.

License Test Vehicle Requirements
Vehicles used for a Class D or M road test must meet the following requirements and will be inspected before your test. This includes vehicles with an ignition interlock device, and vehicles with adaptive equipment for a competency test. Vehicles must:
    • Be in good working condition and be able to pass a safety check.
    • Have a valid registration and current inspection sticker.
    • Contain adequate seating accommodations next to the operator for the use of the examiner and have a rear seat behind the driver for the sponsor.
    • Be designed to let the examiner make an emergency stop using the parking brake. If not, the vehicle CANNOT be used for the road test, you will not be charged for the road test.
    • Any vehicle with a center console that does not have a parking brake as part of the console CANNOT be used.
    • Any vehicle that does not allow the examiner unobstructed access to the parking brake CANNOT be used.

What to Expect on Driving Test Day
  • The driving test will last approximately 15-25 minutes.
  • The State of Massachusetts does not have a standard driving test; Since the inspectors each have their own style, be prepared for anything.
  • Buckle your seat belt (And… know that a common inspector trick is to not put their belt on to see if you notice).
  • Remember, the test is an evaluation of your skills as a driver. The test will evaluate:
    • The safety of your vehicle
    • Pre-trip safe set up (Adjusting mirrors, seat, seatbelt)
    • Response to traffic signs and signals (Yielding, making complete stops, following traffic lights and choosing lanes correctly)
    • Response to other motorists (Defensive Driving)
    • Parking maneuvers (Including pull-in, back-in and parallel)
    • Basic driving proficiency (Accelerating, braking and turning)
    • Other driving maneuvers at the discretion of the inspector (Driving on hills, highway driving, city driving or any other skill the inspector wants to test)

    Check out our Youtube channel for tons of driving skill how-to-videos like this

What If You Fail Your Driver’s Test
  • If you fail your license test, you must schedule a new test appointment and start the process from scratch again. You must wait two weeks before re-testing. 
  • You will have to pay another $35 test fee to the RMV when you reschedule.
  • Remember, the best way to pass your driver’s test is to prepare!
  • A safe, confident driver that follows the rules of the road will pass every time.