The Next Street High Schools

Want to become a High School Pick Up location for your students?

At The Next Street we strive to make it easy to get a license. One way we do that is providing multiple pick up locations for our in-car sessions, and one of the easiest locations for students to get to is their local high school. 

How Does it Work?

No matter the location, we provide same great Driver's Ed experience. All classroom is taught remotely through Zoom and all in-car sessions are in person. These in-car sessions have the opportunity to start and end at a High School location, as long as that High School approves it. 

If you are willing to provide your school as a pick up and drop off location, we are more than happy to sponsor a fundraiser, give a raffle donation, or help a school club out every year.

If you are interested in becoming a pick up location for our local students, fill out the form below and our coordinator will be in touch with you.