New Enrollment
Terms & Conditions

After reading this document, and signing after enrolling, I have permission to take the driver training program administered by The Next Street. I understand that the course will be conducted by a state licensed instructor from The Next Street. I release the school from liability for any accident or injury occurring while driving as a part of this program.


Age Restriction Guidelines 

  1. All students attending The Next Street must be 15 & 9 months or older to receive credit for any classroom modules or in-car training. 
  2. Students of any age can take the maximum of 6 hours of Driver's Ed training per day. Only 2 hours may be in-car, either observing or driving.


Digital Classroom Policies

  1. Participation - Students must participate in the entire 2-hour session on Zoom. Our instructors take attendance multiple times each class. Participation means responding to the instructor's questions verbally or in chat, engaging in group activities & completing in-class quizzes when offered.
  2. Signature Requirement - Students must sign that they attended the full 2-hour session for every class. Parent/Guardian must sign for the Parent Class they complete.  
  3. Legal Name as Display Name - Please make sure that your full legal name, as spelled on your Learner's Permit, appears on your Zoom account. If you have a nickname you prefer to be called, you can add it after a dash in your legal name, EX: James Smith - Jim.
  4. Devices - Students must be on a stationary device, and it is recommended they be on a stable network. If a student is disconnected from class more than once, they will not be given credit for the class. 
  5. Cameras On - During class, your camera must be on and pointed towards you on a stable/steady surface. Please do not point your camera at the ceiling, ground, or other areas of your room.
  6. Please Come Ready to Learn & Take Notes - You should be seated upright, in a quiet location, where you can remain focused and present for the duration of the class. We recommend, and research shows, that using a physical notebook and taking notes by hand supports learning and recall. 
  7. Show Up & Be on Time - You must be fully present for the entire duration of class in order to get credit. One scheduled break will be given mid-class. Attendance will be taken at the start of class, after break, and at the end of class. You must be active and present during these checks in order to be marked present. 
  8. Avoid Digital Multitasking - We understand the pull to do things while in a Zoom meeting, like scrolling on your phone, playing games, or checking your DM's. We challenge you to focus on the class materials in the same way you will have to focus (without distractions) while driving.

Our instructors have the discretion to revoke attendance for any of the following reasons but are not limited to:

  1. Tardiness
  2. Disruption
  3. Lack of participation
  4. Tech issues
  5. Leaving early
  6. Inappropriate language or behavior.

The RMV requires that the Parent Class is completed before booking any driving or observation lessons. The Parent Class is valid for 5 years from the date of completion. Your program must be completed in full by the expiration of that certificate.

Modules 1-15 must be completed before taking the final exam that is pass or fail. If the final is taken before completing 1-15, you will not receive credit.  

Driving Lesson Guidelines


  1. Cancellations – Driving Lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a late cancellation fee of $100.00. Cancellations can be made through your Student Portal or by reaching out to us at 413-642-1475 during our business hours.
  2. Tardiness - It is important that students arrive to lessons on time. Due to scheduling, instructors will not be able to make up the time missed during the lesson. Lessons that are ended early by students are also subject to fees. Late arrivals will be charged by the following fees in accordance with our fee policies:
      • Up to 30 minutes late - $50
      • Up to 60 minutes late - $100
      • Over 60 minutes late - The lesson will be canceled with a fee of $160
      • No show - $160
  3. Footwear Policy - Open-toed or open-heeled shoes are not permitted. Slippers, Crocs, sandals, platforms or any open-toed or open-heeled shoes are not permitted. We highly recommend sneakers for all lessons.
  4. Students must bring the following to every Driving and Observation Lesson. Failure to do so will result in a fee of a $160 fee.
      • A physical permit/driving license.
      • Glasses/contacts if you have a Restriction B
      • Closed toe/heel shoes. (No crocs, flip flops, platforms, sandals, platforms etc). We suggest sneakers.

  5. Recording - For the safety of our customers and employees, training, and quality assurance purposes, all Driving Lessons, Observations, and Road Tests conducted in The Next Street Vehicles may be video and audio recorded. These recordings are retained in accordance with public record laws.

License Test Guidelines

  • All students testing with The Next Street must complete at least one 2 hour Driving Lesson offered by The Next Street 2 weeks prior to the test date.
  • All Meet at the RMV license tests must complete at least one 2 hour Driving Lesson offered by The Next Street 5+ days prior to the test date. 
  • License tests must be cancelled 72+ hours or 3 days in advance. Failure to do so will result in a cancelation fee of $60.
  • All required classroom modules, behind the wheel and observation lessons, and corresponding signatures must be completed 2 weeks in advance of the test date.
  • The license test fees paid to The Next Street do not include the RMV license fees.
  • Students must bring the following to every License Test. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the test.
    • A physical permit/driving license.
    • Glasses/contacts if you have a Restriction B
    • Closed toe/heel shoes. (No crocs, flip flops, platforms, sandals, platforms etc). We suggest sneakers.
  • All testing products must be paid in full before scheduling. 


Account Deactivation Guidelines 

  • All students will have 24 months to complete the program they are enrolled in from their start date. After this time, the account will expire and access to outstanding services will be suspended per the RMV. If you wish to continue your program after 24 months, you may contact The Next Street. We can email the RMV to request an extension on your behalf. You may then continue to complete your program with us, subject to a $150 fee. Contact us for more information.


Driver's Education Completion Guidelines

  • Your certificate will be filed with the Atlas system and will be registered to your name within the RMV database.
  • To receive your certificate you must complete the following regardless of age:
    • All 30 hours of classroom and the final exam (including Parent Class for those under 18)
    • All 12 hours of Driving Lessons and 6 hour of Observations.
    • All signatures for classroom and driving, and observation lessons. 


Refund Guidelines

You must pay for what you use. If you attend one class or the class start date has passed, you will need to pay for the entire course. This is because you have held a seat that another student could have used. Unused products may be transferred to a sibling. Unused classes may only be transferred if the start date has not passed. Unfortunately, we are charged for Credit Card payments and refunds. Because of that all refunds are subject to a maximum of 10% service fee. Purchases must be made within 1 year to be eligible for a refund.

Marketing Communication Guidelines

  • If you opt out of any marketing communications via email such as unsubscribe, or modify your email preferences, you are still responsible for adhering to the contents of those communications.


Inclement Weather Guidelines

  • Class Cancellations - When a class is canceled due to weather, you will need to schedule a new makeup class online through your Student Portal, or over the phone during office hours at 617.468.8100
  • Lessons - Driving lessons will not be automatically rescheduled. You can book a new driving time at your earliest convenience through your Student Portal, or over the phone during office hours at 617.468.8100.
  • Road Test - If you have a License Test scheduled, you will be notified via phone should it be canceled, and our License Testing Team will get you scheduled for another date.

I have read and understand the policies and procedures and I am aware of the penalties if they are not followed.

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