Behind the Wheel Training

Driving is a learned skill. No one can just jump in the car and safely go. Instead, think of learning to drive like learning to play a musical instrument. You need to be introduced to the skill, practice it, master it, and then progress. Our lessons start in a parking lot where we will work on accelerating, braking and turning. Then we move onto parking maneuvers. From there, we will progress onto low speed back roads. Once mastered, we'll move onto higher speed single lane roads and then multi-lane driving. The highway is often the final step, and then we can bring it all together so that our students feel comfortable driving at any time, in any condition. To accomplish all of this, we recommend a 12-hour driving lesson package for any new driver, regardless of age. 




Before scheduling Behind The Wheel Training with The Next Street, you may want some intel on the basics. Here's everything you'll need to know about Private Driving Lessons with a professional instructor.

What's Included in Behind The Wheel Lessons?
  • The Next Street Private Driving Lessons are 2-hour appointments where the student is in the driver's seat and a highly trained instructor is in the passenger seat.
  • Pick ups and drop offs are all done at our Next Street Locations (or partner high schools). For the privacy & safety of our staff and students, we do not offer home pick up and/or drop off.
  • The lessons are all done in one of our dual controlled Driver Training cars.
  • Private Driving Lessons include parking maneuvers, highway driving, city driving, defensive driving techniques, road scanning, or whatever specific skill you ask The Next Street driving instructor to help you with.
  • We will challenge the students’ abilities so that they are comfortable and confident when they get behind the wheel on their own.

State Regulations & Requirements
  • The Massachusetts RMV requires new teen drivers (16 and 17 years old) to record 40 hours of time behind the wheel with a trainer. This time can be done with any person age 21+ that has held their license in the US for at least 1 year with no suspensions as your trainer.

  • Adult Students (18 and older) do not have a behind the wheel training requirement, though we still recommend an adult log at least 40 hours of practice before going it alone.

How Many Hours Do I Need?

The short answer is: it depends. If you have experience driving, and have family members that are willing and able to practice with you, we recommend 12 hours of driving lessons. If you don't have people that can practice with you, we recommend a larger package.

We also understand that price plays a major factor in this decision. Because lessons are one on one with a professional, they can get very expensive. Even if you can only afford 2-hours of time, do it. Any time spent with our professional staff will make you more prepared for a safe life on the road, and more likely to pass your driving test on the first try.

We sell our lessons in 2-hour blocks. Lessons can be added at time of enrollment into a classroom product, after enrollment through our student portal, or you can purchase only driving lessons without a classroom product by calling 617-468-8100.

Pricing and Purchasing
  • Private Driving Lesson prices range between $80/hour and $110/hour, depending on how many hours you purchase and if you bundle with a classroom product.
  • Private Driving Lessons can be purchased at the time of enrollment or added to an existing account at any time by visiting the Student Portal or calling 617-468-8100.
  • A minimum of 2 hours of Private Driving Lessons must be purchased to take your License Test with The Next Street.

Mock Road Test and Test Prep Lesson

Our Mock Road Test and Test Prep Lesson is a 2 hour private driving lesson specifically created to prepare you for road test day. Our instructor will take you on actual routes commonly used during license tests. You'll perform mock versions of the actual road test, with expert commentary and feedback, so you'll know exactly how you're doing. After the mock test, we will spend the remaining time working on the places you struggled most to make sure you are as confident as possible on test day.

Our Mock Test Promise: If you have completed one of our Full Driver Education Programs and fail your road test after taking this lesson, you will be able to take your test with The Next Street again until you pass for no charge (RMV fees not included).

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